Wingman #17: Attack on Area 51

Click the Cover to Buy This Book on Amazon

Click the Cover to Buy This Book on Amazon

Back from the dead, the Wingman takes to the skies one more time in this new Wingman novella

It’s been a decade since Hawk Hunter, famed American World War III hero and legendary pilot, vanished on an extraterrestrial mission to save his country. Presumed dead, Hunter found himself in a strange alternate universe where the planes were bigger than seemed possible and the dead walked the earth. Now he is back, and America needs his help once more.
The fragile new America that Hunter helped build has shattered in his absence. He has no memory of where he has been for the past ten years, knowing only that he can bring peace to his beloved country once and for all. Seeking answers at the secret research base known as Area 51, Hawk uncovers a strange new threat to his fractured homeland. There is only one thing to do. His memory may be in tatters, but the Wingman has not forgotten how to fly.

9 thoughts on “Wingman #17: Attack on Area 51

  1. AWESOME I can’t wait to tear into this one. I have been with Hawk Hunter since the 80’s. Like a fine freedom fighting pilot once said…”You can’t do tricks without the WINGMAN.”

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  3. Why wasn’t I informed of this?!?!?! Just ordered it off Amazon and am having it overnighted. Mack is the man and I can’t wait for the return of Hawk!!! “You can’t do tricks without the Wingman!!!”

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