Wingman #1

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Wingman – The book that started it all. No one was more surprised than I when it became such a big hit. The cover art is very cool and was a big part in the success. Someone once called this book “a comic book in words” and it’s hard to disagree.

Having lost World War III after invading Europe, the Soviets activate a mole deep inside the US Government – the traitorous Vice President — and he signs a peace treaty that basically hands defeat to the US while allowing Soviet missiles to obliterate the center of the country. America is broken up into dozens of regions and city states, and agitated by Russian agents, soon begin fighting among themselves.

The Wingman, aka Hawk Hunter, the best fighter pilot who has ever lived, starts a quest to re-unite the United States. He teams up with a real cast of characters – Captain Crunch, JT “Socket” Twomey, Ben Wa, The Jones Boys, Elvis Q, the Cobra Brothers — and meets the lovely Bridget Bardot look-a-like, Dominique as well, the woman who will haunt him for the next 16 books.

This book is full of combat, in the air and on the ground, as Hawk and his gang kick ass on the Russians and their allies. The final battle, which takes place in Football City (aka St Louis), is titanic and results in a huge United American victory, this after Hawk single-handedly shoots down 100 Soviet-built planes. There is also lots of sex in this one
as my editor at the time told me that Hawk should lay pipe at least four times a book.

This is probably my favorite Wingman book. It is by far the best-selling of the series with something like a quarter million sold..


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