#9 Return From The Inferno

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Return From The Inferno – Hey, a new contract, so Hawk lives, at least for a few more books.

This book is about religion. Having it, losing it, getting it back again. What’s unusual about it is that Hawk, last seen flying out to sea to battle that ghostly aircraft carrier, is hardly in the first two-thirds of the book. Instead, the story is focused on one of his close friends, Mike Fitzgerald, who, while now living in a part of America that is controlled by the Nazis, is impersonating a priest. As a holy man, people expect all kinds of things from him, miracles and such, and at some points he displays a sort of miraculous powers. But in the end, just before he dies, he turns out to be just an ordinary guy – and realizes that’s really the best thing to be.

Hawk finally does come back, and he leads a fight against the Nazis in the second battle for Football City, thus freeing the country again. His missing F-16XL is also recovered, so man and machine are reunited again as well. Though this book is a fan favorite too, it’s really a bittersweet story.


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