#8 Skyfire

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Skyfire – Another strange book and a turning point in the series. Real fans can tell when my contracts were running out because I would always seemingly kill Hawk off, just in case I couldn’t come to terms with the publisher and the series would be over.

This is one of those books. It was also named by the publisher and the cover drawn before I wrote it. I didn’t like the name “Skyfire” at first, but later came to use it as the place Hawk “retires” to. This story is really about him being sick of being a super hero and wanting to settle down with Dominique, which is what he does in the first few chapters. He has a hay farm on Cape Cod, and that’s all he wants to do, grow hay, whatever that means. But his dream lasts only a few pages or so before the country is attacked by – who else? – the Vikings.

Hawk is reluctantly dragged back into the super hero business especially since the bad guys have snatched Dominique. Thus begins a titanic battle against these “new” Norsemen as they terrorize the east coast of America.

Hawk meets another superhero type, a European guy named Wolf, who has a fleet of battleships. They agree to join forces and eventually defeat the Vikings in a battle near Miami Beach. All this Norse stuff came from a kid’s book I happen to see that explained how strange the Vikings were, how they were always depressed and murdering each other, yet were also great explorers. I found it fascinating that the Vikings used to climb the highest mountains on the western edge of Greenland and by looking off to the horizon and seeing huge gatherings of clouds, knew that there was another kind of land mass over there – that being North America. Yet they never jumped in a boat and went to look for it.

Anyway, my contract was up at the end of this book, and that’s why Hawk flies off to single-handedly battle a mysterious aircraft carrier that has been helping the Vikings, leading his friends to think he’ll never be seen again.


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