#6 The Final Storm

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The Final Storm – A strange book, but as it turns out, some say, one of the best. Basically this is a re-telling of Hawk’s adventures during World War III, how the US won the battles but lost the war. All this is recounted during a trial of the ex-Vice President who turned traitor and who, I recall, I based on Dan Quayle. Anyone remember him?

The city of Syracuse NY gets nuked in this one, and if you’ve ever spent any time there, you might think it was an improvement. There is also a threat from some hold-out Russians, so Hawk has to fly a specially-adapted B-1 “Ghostrider” bomber into the heart of Siberia and take out a super weapon the commies have hidden there.

There were two things controversial about this book. First of all, the publisher named it even before I wrote it and looking back on it the title is pretty lame. “The Final Storm?” What does that even mean? Plus, shortly after this book came out, another publisher ripped-off the cover art – same kind of Russian ship getting attacked, same kind of Russian planes in the air, same angle, so colors, everything. I wanted to sue them, but it would have been expensive. I remember my editor saying to just forget it, that imitation was the best form of flattery.

What’s really weird is that I recreated the scene on the cover – and from the book – in one of my later Starhawk books, the one titled “Storm Over Saturn.”


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