#5 The Twisted Cross

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The Twisted Cross – This book is a big fan favorite and one of mine as well. I remember thinking that it might be cool to have another adventure somewhere other than the US mainland. So this book is about the Nazis – resurgent in the post-WW3 world – threatening to blow up the Panama Canal with nukes. The plot also allowed Hawk to get into the whole Ancient Astronaut thing with the historical sites down in Central America. There is also a crazy female archeologist dogging him as he is trying to stop the canal from being destroyed. She is both beautiful and highly disturbed – what more can a guy ask for?

Once again, the cover art is really cool, especially with the F-4 Phantoms wearing Nazi insignia. But I actually ran into trouble with the text on the back cover. In those days, I was writing the books so quickly, the publisher frequently had the cover jackets printed up even before I even finished the book. In this case, I had told them that the Nazis were after Inca gold. Only when I got to the last part of the book did I realize I should have said “Aztec gold,” as the Aztecs were from Central America, and the Incas were way down in South America. But a zillion covers had already been printed up. That’s why, in the last few chapters, I had to pick up everything and everybody and move them all a thousand miles south, to Bolivia, where they could finally end the adventure by finding all that freaking Inca gold.


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