#4 Thunder in the East

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Thunder in the East – Definitely one of my favorite Wingman books. Basically, America is split in half. The good guys control most of everything west of the Mississippi, and the bad guys control everything to the east.

Another big war is fought, and there’s another string of United American victories, but things are complicated by the fact that the Russians and their allies want to burn every book in the country, as well as things like the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Actually a love story to Baseball, there are also a lot of lipstick lesbian scenes in here, this because of a letter I’d written to my editor. I’d told him that having Hawk can get his oil changed four times a book was really slowing things down. I asked him if Hawk went to bed with two women twice a book, would that fulfill the requirement. He agreed, and that’s why from this point on, there are so many girl-on-girl scenes in the books.


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