#3 The Lucifer Crusade

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The Lucifer Crusade – The leader of The Circle is a Russian secret agent named Viktor Robotov, but he also goes by the name, “Lucifer.” When he flees to the Middle East after losing The Circle War, Hawk follows him, and teaming up with several friendly mercenary bands, tows a disabled US Navy aircraft carrier across the Mediterranean to the Suez Canal where they launch a surprise air strike on Viktor’s forces.

This book is a bit of a rip-off of Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness,” which inspired the movie “Apocalypse Now.” (I never read the book, but I saw the movie.) Basically the further the characters move across the Med, the more insane things become. It ends with a replaying of the scene in the New Testament when Christ and the Devil confront each other in the desert, except it’s Hawk and Viktor squaring off.

I got some angry letters from female Wingman fans who were upset by the scenes where Hawk sleeps with a young hooker who looks like Dominique, who’s still back in America. However, I was still operating under the decree that Hawk get laid four times a book and it wasn’t like I could have him canoodling with an inflatable doll.

Part ghost-story, there’s lots of cool action in this book, especially the attack on the aircraft carrier at night by Russian seaplanes in the middle of a hurricane. Probably one of my top five Wingman books.


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