#2 The Circle War

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The Circle War – Hawk and his friends face a new enemy: a treacherous axis of criminal armies and Soviet agents known as The Circle. They’ve smuggled thousands of SAM weapons into America and set them up in the devastated heartland which is now known as The Badlands. If these missiles remain in place, they will prevent the vast convoys of United American airplanes from flying between the east and west coasts. Hawk must somehow destroy this wall of SAMs. But in trying to do so he also discovers the bad guys have captured his girlfriend, the gorgeous Dominique, and now he must rescue her from, of all places, the top of one of the World Trade Center Towers. (The book came out in July 1987).

Once again, lots of airplanes, lots of fighting and lots of sex. But strangely enough, the book is really a love story between Hawk and Dominique and Hawk and his country. Another favorite of mine.


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