#10 War of the Sun

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War of the Sun – It was time to lighten the mood a bit, so this book is a return to the rousing adventures of the first few books.

Hawk and his friends get a hold of an aircraft carrier and sail towards Japan to fight America’s other enemy, the Empire of the Sun, AKA The Asian Mercenary Cult. Thus begins a recounting of sorts of World War II in the Pacific, except it goes backwards. After reenacting the famous Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo raid, Hawk and the United Americans do battle on Okinawa and then fight their way back down the South Pacific islands, routing what the back cover copy calls “insane Asian warlords.”

This book features two of Hawk’s favorite special operations groups, the JAWS team and NJ104. These units are based on people I actually know. The JAWS team are actually friends of mine from the police department of Johnstown, New York, who wrote me a fan letter once, and who I got to know well. That’s how they wound up as characters in the books. Same with NJ104. They were a group of guys I met who belonged to the New Jersey National Guard, and again, I put them in the books.

This book too is a favorite of mine. And the cover is tres cool.


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