#16 The Tomorrow War

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The Tomorrow War – The end of the line. I knew when I started writing this book that it would be the last of the Wingmans. And while I hoped Hawk Hunter would continue in some fashion, I also knew this book had to be a little different than all the others.

So what I did was distill the plots of the previous 15 books, and created one last plot. Hawk is missing again, so his friends go looking for him. Along the way they encounter many characters who’d appeared in the books and are forced to relive a lot of the incidents that had happened previously in the series too, from towing a carrier, to riding a train, to suicidal bombing raids, on and on, all mixed up, like every plot had been thrown in a blender.

Those long time fans who got the joke, really liked the book. However, if you hadn’t read all the books and weren’t familiar with the series and its tone, the overall plot probably seemed a bit out there. My new editor had never read the books and didn’t get the concept. These and other disagreements I had with her led to the publisher buying me out of my contract.

And that’s how the Starhawk books began.


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