#15 Return of Sky Ghost

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Return of Sky Ghost – This was a big surprise, because even though it’s essentially a sequel to Sky Ghost, this book made Barnes & Noble’s web page bestseller list.

Again this is a story where Hawk doesn’t show up until about halfway through the book. Instead we live through Japan’s invasion of South America as seen through the eyes of the enemy, that being one of the Rising Sun’s top generals, a guy named Hiro Wakisaki.

Hawk and his men are ghosts to Wakisaki, and taunt him as such until he finally goes mad and kills himself – at least I think that’s what happens. It’s been a while since I wrote it.

Then the action switches to the Falkland Islands, the most unlikely place on Earth to fight a war, where Hunter and his friends have to defend a small outpost of good guys stationed there to protect a secret that’s a real mind blower, even to Hawk himself. Or something along those lines.

Very cool cover art on this one. Get a load of those 16-engine bombers . . .


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