#14 The Sky Ghost

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The Sky Ghost – Yet another contract, so Hawk lives yet again.

He has fallen through a hole in the sky after saving the Earth from the comet. Luckily, he hits the water and finds himself in an alternate universe.

In this place, the United States is united again, but it is still fighting World War II, which has dragged on for more than 60 years. Initially held prisoner, Hunter is sprung from jail and joins the war effort, leading gargantuan bombing strikes from Iceland over Nazi Germany.

Eventually he goes behind enemy lines for a secret mission to blow up a huge dam, and in doing so is swept almost literally into Berlin for the last hours of the war. Here, he finds a mind-blowing surprise within the Reichstag and learns who’s really been carrying on this war against America.

This book is filled with gigantic warships, colossal airplanes and monstrous weaponry. A lot of it sounds nonsensical, but some of it at least is based on fact. Way back in the early days of World War II when it looked as if Germany was going to take over Great Britain, the US was faced with the prospect of making war on Nazi Europe an entire ocean away. One study by the armed forces at the time suggested that if this happened, the US would have to build bigger ships – to carry enough fuel and stores to stay at sea longer, and giant airplanes, again to be able to carry enough fuel and bombs to make trans-Atlantic bombing runs.

So in this book, bigger is better.


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