#13 Death Orbit

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Death Orbit – I wanted to call this “The Book Of Thirteen” or at least “The 13th Book,” but again, the publisher did the honors, coming up with the very lame, Death Orbit. I complained to someone, but by this time, my publisher and I weren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye.

Whatever it was called, this is my first science fiction book. As a kid all I read was sci-fi, and I had always wanted to write a sci-fi book, and figured this was my chance. Hawk and his friends blast off in the captured Russian shuttle, and once in space, discover that Viktor and his cronies have a secret space station orbiting the Earth.

Lots of space battles are fought, and we find out that Hawk can fly in orbit just as good as he flies through the air. Meanwhile back on Earth, some very strange things are happening – people vanishing, ships thought long ago lost suddenly reappearing. The reason for all this craziness is that a comet is heading right for Earth – and these are the End Days when everything is supposed to be crazy.

In a weird twist, Dominique dies in order to get a message to Hunter, still up in orbit, that the comet is coming and only he can stop it and save Earth. He does so – but is lost in space as a result, because, once again, another contract is up.


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