#12 Target Point Zero

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Target Point Zero – Though it might not seem it, this is the beginning of what I consider the “second” Wingman series. The first 11 books constituted the original contracts for Wingman. By the time it came to writing this book, many things had changed. Different management at my publisher, my original editor was gone and for some reason, they didn’t use the great ET Steadman to do the cover.

Still it’s a good story. Hawk has set out to find the evil Viktor who has reared his ugly head again. The devil himself has blasted off in a Russian space shuttle and now it is up to Hawk to figure where and when the super-villain is coming down.

Hawk literally traverses half the globe – twice – in search of the secret landing spot. In doing so, he encounters some “dreamy” Nazis, a beautiful young girl who likes to be watched, a few dinosaurs, and a young kid who has a MiG-25 that Hawk wants to borrow.

The climax takes place in the South China Sea, at a place called “Lolita Island.” Need I say more?


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