#3 Strike Force Charlie

Strike Force Charlie : This is a haunting book – literally. Because the team is known as “The Ghosts,” I thought it might be cool to show them acting like real ghosts, or as far as Hollywood portrays “ghosts.” The old “things-that-go-bump-in-the-night” thing.

This is also a story about traitors and power-hungry assholes at the center of our government, not unlike our current problem in Washington DC. The main idea is this paradox that, many times, when faced with people who have no consciences and are egomaniacs, it is those with integrity and valor that are hunted down and punished. Why don’t people just do the right thing? How can the powers-that-be sleep at night when they know they have sent American troops to their deaths needlessly? If Iraq grew bananas instead of exporting oil, we wouldn’t be anywhere near the place.

So, it’s left up to the Superhawks to do the right thing – and of course, they wind up in jail for their efforts.

Luckily, they know the judge.


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