#2 Strike Force Bravo

Strike Force Bravo: I was more surprised than anyone that after the heaviness of the first Superhawks book, Book #2 — Strike Force Bravo — turned out to be almost a comedy. Or, more a comedy of errors. The Superhawks re-emerge from hiding to save a Singapore skyscraper full of innocent Americans from being blown up by Al Qaeda. They do this live, on world wide TV, which puts them in the headlines. Pentagon types who abhor the idea of a rogue special forces team operating without any control send a crack SEAL team after them. Meanwhile, a top-secret B-2 bomber is shot down over the Phillipines. Needing to find the bomber quick, the Pentagon types make a deal with the Superhawks: help us find the B-2 and we’ll go easy on you. And all that’s in the first 30 pages!

What follows is the Superhawks finding the B-2, tracking down a load of missing Stinger missiles, busting up an Al Qaeda operation in Manila, then getting screwed by one of America’s “allies,” who is trying to help terrorists sneak the Stingers into the United States.

The comedy comes in when the head Al Qaeda mook is whacked by our heroes — leaving only his doltish, mentally-challenged eunich to try to get the missiles out of Manila and into the US. Of course, this guy has no idea what he’s doing, but it happens anyway. The book ends in a cliff hanger which leads into Book 3.

The plot came about at least in part from experiences I’d had when I worked for Corporate America many moons ago. I’d seen examples of people in my office who’d worked their asses off getting completely screwed when it came time for promotions, while at the same time, very important projects and promotions were being handed to complete idiots. Why do things like that happen? Is it God’s way of laughing at us? I don’t know — but that’s the underlying theme of this book.


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