#1 Strike Force Alpha

Strike Force Alpha: Back in 1972, Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and killed a number of Israeli athletes competing in the Summer Olympics in Munich. The German authorities allowed many of the terrorists to escape — there were about two dozen in all. Shortly afterwards, the Israeli government put together a secret unit whose sole aim was to hunt down and kill every terrorist connected with the Munich Massacre. It took them more than 15 years, but this special unit got every one of the murderers, shooting each one between the eyes after first announcing who they were and why they were whacking them. This sent a message to the Palestinian terrorists: if you screw with us, we’re going to get you, no matter how long it takes.

This was the inspiration for the Superhawks books. Like many other people in this country, I believe that the full resources of the US military should have been aimed at finding and killing Osama bin Laden and his gang. I still can’t figure out why this hasn’t happened — can you? I can’t tell you how many letters I’ve received since the books have come out asking the same question, and wishing that the Superhawks were a real unit and that this country was doing what the Israelis did.

Book One tells of the formation of the Superhawks unit and how they become so ardent in hunting down the perpetrators of 9/11, they turn into terrorists themselves. The basis for the ship they use comes from an idea the British military had back in the 1970s for turning container ships into aircraft carriers for their Harrier jumpjets. Many of the NSA spy devices mentioned in the book actually exist, plus the terrorist plot which takes up the second half of the story was based on an actual Al Qaeda plan that was eventually uncovered in the Philippines.

This book also gave me the opportunity to revive Colonel Ryder Long, the character from two books I wrote back in the late 1980s “Thunder Alley” and” War Heaven.” Back then he was chasing Vietnamese warlords and UFOs. Now he’s after OBL and anyone else who would harm this country. Many people have written me saying they are glad that he’s back.


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