#4 Battle at Zero Point

Battle at Zero Point: This is nothing less than a retelling of the Battle between Good and Evil, between the good angels and forces of the devil, between what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s all that Catholic catechism stuff coming back up to the surface again.

This book begins in Heaven — the real Heaven, the one we are always hearing about. Hunter and his friends have discovered a way to get there, and it is everything it’s been advertised to be. He’s with the love of his life, the ultra-gorgeous Princess Xara, and really has no reason to leave — until he gets a message from the other side that the Fourth Empire is about to unleash some really bad stuff against the people of the Milky Way.

So he leaves Heaven and his girlfriend, probably forever, to fight for what’s right. The big battle at the place called Zero Point is the result.


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