#2 Planet America

Planet America: We always hear about what the Egyptians and the Mayans and the Sumerians and other people of ancient empires were like thousands of years ago. But how will Americans be remembered thousands of years in the future? We are an Empire, we invented flight, we put people on the Moon, we created the most powerful weapons known the Man. We saved the planet from fascism in World War II. We’ve done many great and wonderful things, but we’ve also frigged up a lot of things. So, how will history remember us, after other empires rise and fall? That was in my mind when I began this book.

Hawk has gone AWOL from the Empire Forces and sets out to find the mythical Home Planets, one of which, the rumors say, is Planet America. Like any adventure story, getting there is a half the fun, and Hunter and his pal Pater Tomm, run into all sorts of strange characters and situations before finally reaching their goal.

Once they find themselves on Planet America, Hunter meets and falls for a cute cheerleader, eats junk food, drinks beer and takes a cross-country trip on Route 66 in a sports car — four things all of us should do at least once in our lifetimes. He also discovers if you reach the coast of California the skyline of New York City is visible just over the horizon.

What follows is a titanic war that helps free Planet America and the other Home Planets from the tyrannical grip of the Fourth Empire.


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