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    • I was walking guard at 27th&Dewy on the L A airraid.I wasright behind the Douglas plant.I was a member of 203rd NG AA anti-aircraft Reg.This was 1st night of “Blackout of West coast.The object was a metoroligy ballon sent up ever night at 5pm for readings by A battery.By order of Col Ray E.Watson.4th interceptor command was in command of west coast.It was all caused by confusion.The order to send up this ballon was over looked.We had a new Col. named Vogel take command of our unit,and we were sent to Alaska. Cold Bay to be exact.I am 91 yrs old.Fairly alert could tell a great deal more if asked .My picture is on the Front of May issue ofDouglas Airview getting on first C54 built.

  1. Hi Mack,

    I just want to say how much I am enjoying your book ‘Beyond Area 51’. I live in the UK (quite close to Stonehenge and Porton Down) and often sky watch in these areas. I’ve not seen anything odd but that’s not to say I never will although these places do have ‘weird vibes’. I once knew someone who worked at Aldermaston and driving around the perimeter is creepy but I can’t say why, it’s more a feeling.

    with best wishes,

  2. Thank you so very much for bring out Attack on Area 51. I am a Fuels Specialist in the USAF and can easily visualize an F-4 or F-16 pull 5Gs in a bank and launch a missile off so I love your series. I go back often and reread them. Being deployed in areas that are hazardous and being able to read your books allow me to take a step out of my world and live in your story world for alittle while. Thanks again and please keep them coming.

  3. I haven’t read any of of Mack’s later books. The only one I’ve read is Wingman: The
    Lucifer Crusade. I liked it. One of the planes in that book is the Gloster Gladiator.
    Why did he choose that plane instead of one of the other biplane fighters of the day?

  4. Hi Mack,
    I’ve been getting into the Wingman books again for the first time since high school and now thanks to the internet I can finally find them all(never read the first two and a few of the others). I’m just reading The Circle War now and looking forward to working all the way up to the new one.
    Thanks for the books that were a great part of my childhood!

    • P.S. I notice there’s no article about you on wikipedia. I’d start one but I’m sure there’s somebody who could do it better.

  5. Just finished the last book of the Star Hawk Series (The Fourth Empire). Want to know if you’re going to write another book for this series?!? Love Hawk Hunter. He has become my American Hero…..

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