Yet Another Brush With Fame…

During the first Gulf War, I was hidden away in a cabin in a very small town called Bolton Landing which is up in the Adirondack Mountains next to Lake George. It was the middle of the winter and I was writing War Heaven, which turned out to be one of my best-selling books. I watched the entire Gulf War on CNN while I was writing the book; that’s why no one gets killed in the story. I thought it would be cool to write a war-book where no one gets killed, while I was watching a real war on TV.

The local newspaper asked if they could do a story on me. I said sure. The reporter interviewed me in a local restaurant, and because this place really was small town, everyone knew about it right away. They took my picture a dozen times, made a big deal out of it. During this time, I used to go to a local donut shop every morning to get coffee and the newspaper. There was a cute girl who used to wait on me all the time, and we used to chat briefly and I could tell she used to wonder who the hell I was.

The day the story came out in the newspaper, I went into the coffee shop as usual and bought a few copies to mail home. She saw me coming and as I walked in, she was all smiles and saying things like: Well, it’s the Mystery Man. I knew you were a celebrity, and so on. Quite taken with me, as they say. And I was all, Pish-posh, it’s no big deal, that kind of crap. I paid for the papers, we chatted about books and things, and I left, felling pretty good about myself, though she seemed a little odd at the end.

When I got back to my car, I looked at myself in the rear view mirror and found out why she’d suddenly gone cold. There was a booger the size of a B-52 hanging out of my nose.


One thought on “Yet Another Brush With Fame…

  1. Hi Mack, Ive heard thru th media sources that the alleged anthrax Killer commited suicide some years back when the FBI was closing in on him. I belive he was said to be a rouge goverment biologhist.

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